Allied health services such as biokinetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology and speech therapy may be covered by comprehensive health plans as part of their benefits.

The cost of these sessions can vary, typically ranging from R300 to R950 per hour, depending on the type of treatment. If your condition falls under Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB), special funding may be available.

For those with lower-tier medical aid plans, including hospital plans, session costs will either be deducted from medical savings or paid out of pocket.

We are an accredited training facility to both local and international Universities, meaning we have both fully qualified and intern practitioners available. Interns, in their final year of practical training, offer sessions at approximately a 50% discount under senior biokineticists supervision. For those concerned about affordability, working with an intern is an option.

We are also registered with the Road Accident Fund (RAF), which can cover sessions for individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents. Informing your case manager and providing the necessary details is required to claim from RAF.

Lastly, for financially disadvantaged individuals unable to afford rehabilitation, we offer our Equal Access Programme. Thanks to fundraising performed by our Enable NPO, discounts ranging from 20% to 80% are available based on financial need.